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Yuet mei liu chinese. Yuet mei liu movie. Yuet mei lin. Yuet mei liu youtube. Yuet mei liu boyfriend. Yuet mei liu actress. Online Cantonese Input Method uses Cantonese romanisation to input Chinese characters. However, Cantonese romanisation has not been standardized and there are several romanisation systems. This input method uses mainly Sidney Lau's system plus some commonly used romanisations. Most characters are denoted by initial and final, and many characters have several romanisations for the sake of convenience. Tone mark is not needed for this input method. There are 19 initials: b 巴, p 怕, m 媽, f 花, d 打, t 他, n 那, l 啦, g 家, k 卡, ng 牙, h 蝦, gw 瓜, kw 誇, w 蛙, j 渣, ch 叉, s 沙, y 也 and 53 finals: a 把, ai 閉, aai 擺, au 售, aau 稍, am 心, aam 三, an 新, aan 山, ang 萌, aang 猛, ap 粒, aap 立, at 甩, aat 辣, ak 北, aak 白, e 捨, ei 死, eng 腥, ek 錫, i 思, iu 小, im 閃, in 先, ing 升, ip 攝, it 洩, ik 式, oh 哥, oi 改, o 高, on 趕, ong 江, ot 割, ok 各, oo 估, ooi 背, oon 半, oot 撥, ui 雖, un 鈍, ung 動, ut 率, uk 縮, euh 靴, eung 香, euk 削, ue 輸, uen 宣, uet 說, m 唔, ng 五 Many people mixed up intial n and l, character 你 is nei instead of lei。Also pay attention to the ng initial,character 我 is ngoh,牛 is ngau,牙 is nga etc. Last but not least, don't mix up a and aa,米 is mai,賣 is maai. 毀 is wai,壞 is waai,十 is sap,圾 is saap. Sounds easy right? This input method has Chinese characters, Chinese words and English words. For those characters or words we have left out, please use the Add function to suggest, we will update periodically. For basic instructions, please take a look at the Use section.

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