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Sexy Pistols movies. Sexy Pistols movie page. Sexy Pistols movie database. Sexy Pistols movie. Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek are without a doubt the best kissers. Rather odd to start a review of a western with a competition in kissing, but that is just an example of what makes "Bandidas" so charming and funny. This female western follows the storyline of any regualar western but adds some very witty (and hot) feminine twists and turns.
"Bandidas" is a playful charming story about 2 daughters who lose their fathers because of a killing spree by a group of outlaws. To get revenge the 2 daughters join forces and decide to rob the banks that the outlaws have stolen from the mexican people. Will the 2 female bandidas succeed in robbing all the money back from the bandits who murdered their fathers?
Suited for 9 years and older it is still a good western that can be enjoyed by adults as well. It is a fast story, with many smart and very witty robberies of banks. It is photographed splendidly. There is even a Matrix like scene, in which bullets fly through the air in slow motion. Real attention to detail and that makes sense because this picture is written and produced by Luc Besson who also produced "The Transporter" and "Taken" series, so the man knows HOW TO make a good action movie. Add some great female comedy actors and you have got "Bandidas. Supporting actors by Dwight Yoakam, Steve Zahn and Sam Shepard are great too. All in all a really lovely, very funny original parody on westerns.

I wasn't expecting much, but geez, this is just unadulterated crap. I thought the storyline had lots of potential, so it would be a good watch in any case. How wrong I was.
If it weren't for cliché, this film would have no substance at all. This amounts to no less than contempt of the viewers, that they would accept something as shallow as this and call it entertainment. If it was meant to be tongue-in-cheek humour, then I have to report that it failed miserably.
Even if they'd used it as a vehicle for the display of Hayak's superb body, we might forgive them, but no, there's not even enough of that.
I have trouble to believe Luc Besson really was responsible for drivel like this; on the other hand, he was also responsible for the equally awful Transporter II, which bore little resemblance to the brilliant original.
If you want an all-in-one example of what's wrong with Cinema today, here it is. Otherwise, be warned: Stay Away.

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