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Movie info Nicole is a Parisian streetwalker and Dede is her racketeer boyfriend, on the outs with his mob bosses because of a dispute over Nicole. When a police informant ("balance") is murdered, the cops have to scramble for a replacement. Deciding on Dede, they begin to put a nasty squeeze on him and Nicole. 997 Votes. Creators Mathieu Fabiani. Release date 1982. actor Philippe Léotard

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Resume Through different stories of four Serbian language professors in one Montenegrin high school, this film deals with questions of one nation's identity and language in the times of transition and apparently democratic governmental structure. Everyone of them tells about their own way of trying to prevent renaming of the Serbian language in Montenegro and how did it end for them / Genre Documentary / runtime 25 M / directed by Ivan Bakrac / user ratings 8,7 of 10

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10 minutes genre Short Brief A Kurdish man driven by a childhood dream. Is the grass greener on the other side?